One Foot at a Time Winners

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 10.50.38 AMSurfrider Foundation would like to extend a warm thanks to all who participated in the “One Foot at a Time” contest during our third annual “Rise Above Plastics Month!”  We had some amazing submissions, and enjoyed your passion and creativity.  Below, you can check out the top six winners for each of our  template designs, […]

A Worldwide Shift Away From Single-Use Plastic Bags

Infographic-101813-LR-01-662x102454% of the world’s population (3.8 billion people) are living in bag ban/fee zones and 2.4 million people are trying to join the movement. Despite the worldwide shift, the average American still uses over 500 single-use plastic bags per year, adding up to well over 100 billion each year!   Check out the full infographic […]

Making [Plastic] Waves

IMG_0134_10xFinal copyJohn Morris, an active Surfrider Foundation volunteer and Oregon chapter founder, first participated in Rise Above Plastics Month in 2011.  Blown away by the amount of plastic debris he found on Oregon’s beaches, Morris found the One Foot at a Time campaign to be the perfect opportunity to combine his passion for the environment with […]

Plastic Whale Project

whaleThis 32-foot-long replica of a gray whale is made out of plastic bags. Made from more than 9,000 plastic bags and created by 900 children and adults in Washington, the sculpture was created to engage the public in understanding plastics in our environment. The whale, weighing in at 250 pounds, has eyes made from plastic […]

Santa Barbara Bans Plastic Bags!

BTB.SBThe Santa Barbara City Council gave final approval to a citywide plastic checkout bag ban at all food retailers in the city that is scheduled to take effect in seven months at larger stores and thirteen months from now at small stores. This has been a multi-year process to get to this point and wouldn’t […]

Beach Trash Washed Ashore Made Into Art

jellyThis Oregon exhibit may be small, but it’s pretty impressive. This grand display tells the story of how plastic is destroying our oceans. Art is being used to raise awareness and create conversation about what’s washing up on Oregon beaches. Over ten tons of garbage have been processed and transformed into about 24 sculptures. Two […]

Beachcomber Collection

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 2.05.31 PMSpecializing in people, portraits, fashion and still life, Jim Golden Studio is an embodiment of its owner’s aesthetic vision. As a photographer, Jim brings an artist’s eye and an enthusiast’s passion to his work, creating striking imagery that strives to capture the essence of his subjects. Rather than imposing a conventional standard of beauty, Jim […]

Plastic Pollution Invading Mountain Lake

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 9.12.03 AMIn the center of the Pacific Ocean, the infamous “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” collects millions of tiny bits of plastic. The massive floating dump gets all the attention, but freshwater lakes may have their own plastic pollution problems. A recent study found numerous particles of plastic in a seemingly pristine lake in the foothills of […]

Plastic Bags—> Bikinis

monsterPlastic bag recycling rates are typically in the single digits.  When they do get recycled, plastic bags are often ‘downcycled’ into less desirable items such as benches that can’t be recycled or part of a new plastic bag – not a whole bag. Sarah Bellums in San Luis Obispo, CA has found a way to ‘upcycle’ […]

Cigarette Butt Jellyfish

JellyButtWe are loving Maddy Mordenti’s trash art depiction of a jellyfish.  Maddy,  an environmental science major, decided to perform a coastal sweep along various beaches in Myrtle Beach, Florida for her senior exhibition class.  The result was astounding.  Throughout the duration of her project,  1,172 cigarette butts were removed from the sand, and repurposed into the beautiful […]

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